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What will happen during my Reiki treatment?

At the start of your first treatment, your name and details will be briefly taken and you will be given a standard complementary therapy consent form. You'll have the opportunity to describe any health issue that is in focus—but only if you wish to do so. The practical advantage of Reiki is that it benefits the whole person, not just the symptoms of a specific disease. All information given is treated as confidential.

During the Reiki treatment you’ll remain fully clothed and will be asked to lie on a treatment couch. However I understand that in some circumstances the client may feel more comfortable sitting on a chair and I'm more than happy to adapt.  

The hands are lightly placed in a series of positions on or over the client’s body (the treatment is naturally respectful, so some areas are always treated with hands off). There is no massage or manipulation.  I usually start a treatment by giving Reiki to the head for quite a while, and then work in those areas that need Reiki the most. We’re trained to find these areas by observing and interpreting the sensations we feel in our hands.

Reiki treatments in Somerset

What will I feel?

Many clients find the Reiki treatment to be pleasantly relaxing, and often fall asleep. Some sense a mild tingling, warmth from the Reiki hands, or nothing at all. There is no right or wrong way to experience Reiki. It is ideal if the client just 'lets go'. The treatment will be effective whatever the sensations felt or not felt. 

So I understand that Reiki relaxes the body – but beyond that, can you give me some specifics about which conditions it can treat?

Reiki is a complementary therapy, not a replacement for GP care, and no trained and ethical Reiki practitioner should claim to cure specific illnesses.

Reiki's value is its ability to strengthen the body's own capacity to self-repair. Initially many clients book Reiki because they are troubled by symptoms like sleeplessness, pain, repeated infections, emotional trauma or extreme stress, and they seek a complementary adjunct to their core GP care.

Equally many clients choose Reiki to maintain good health as part of proactive self-care. Indeed many years ago this was my own motivation in trying and continuing Reiki. 

How often will I need to have a treatment? 

In my clinical experience, some find that even one Reiki treatment is beneficial, but a series of regular treatments naturally tends to deliver a more pronounced benefit.  Healing and improved self-care is often little steps, taken consistently. Yet please be reassured that you will not be pressured to have unnecessary treatments. Every client is individual and I prefer that you take time to assess the Reiki treatment experience and its benefits before booking further appointments.

I have had regular Reiki sessions with Sara for over a year. I chose Reiki as an alternative therapy to help with my anxiety. I instantly felt relaxed and I was grateful for some ‘me time’. I do not feel anything specific happening during the treatments, however there is a general sense of calmness within me. The biggest change was after my third session when my anxiety slowly eased and I felt more refreshed and grounded every day. I continue to have regular Reiki sessions and I believe that it has many many benefits. Life is busy and extremely challenging at times, but Reiki has helped me to regain control and given me a strength that I didn’t even know I had. Finding Sara and having Reiki has definitely brought out the best in me.
I had an old knee injury from tennis which was treated initially with physiotherapy; however from time to time the joint becomes painful particularly when horizontal and resting, such as when in bed. I went to Sara for 4 sessions of Reiki and the pain in my knee reduced and then disappeared altogether. Good result! Sara was very professional and I strongly recommend her as a Reiki practitioner.

Reiki Treatment Options

1 treatment : £30

Course of 4 treatments : £95, payable at start of course

Reiki treatments are 50 minutes, plus around 15 minutes for brief pre- and post-treatment consultation. So please allow just over an hour.

Payment by cash or cheque. I ask for 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. A no-show fee of £20 is applied for missed appointments.

Prices will be reduced for children, who can certainly be treated (with parent/guardian present) but tend to require a shorter Reiki session.

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Somerset Reiki

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